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Are You Too Late?

If you wait until the next bull market arrives you'll be too late to capture the benefits. 

You didn't learn how to drive in one day, you won't become competent at Bitcoin overnight. Being incompetent at Bitcoin is a proven strategy for losing money

If you want to make progress quickly, you should begin by finding out what you're up against.

This short guide illustrates why —regardless of your background or intelligence— it takes time to wrap your head around Bitcoin.  

Specifically, it will show you: 

Module 1 - Piloting Bitcoin

Building on the analogy of Bitcoin and driving you'll explore

  • The unavoidable sequence of becoming competent at anything

  • Why your current knowledge and experience are not enough and may even get in your way


Module 2 - Thinking of Bitcoin

  • The word "Bitcoin" can refer to at least eight different things.

  • Bitcoin is complicated because it sits at the intersection of several disciplines

  • A look at how Bitcoin takes a familiar concept and makes you think about it in completely new ways

My hope is this guide will give you a sense of the ground you'll need to cover and encourage you to start today.