One does not simply "Buy Bitcoin"


You  need to understand:

what to do,

why you're doing it,

how to do it safely. 


Assuming you want to avoid crypto-scams
and common mistakes.



Starting is not easy.


Remember when you were first leaning to drive? The mix of excitement and fear? 
(especially if you learned on stick-shift, like I did). All those knobs, dials, pedals and steering, all at the same time! Your first transactions with Bitcoin will feel something like that.
When you're new at something, everything seems complicated, in large part because almost everything is unfamiliar.


Driving requires more than just knowing how to operate a car. You need to know the rules of the road (written and unwritten), how to gauge your distance appropriately, how to navigate, etc…
To become a competent Bitcoiner you'll need to learn some new concepts, and re-learn how to think of some familiar things.

Traffic, pedestrians, stop signs, potholes, rain, merging, roundabouts, none of these go away "just because you're learning."
Practicing in the real-world is gut-wrenching sometimes, the possibility of an accident is absolutely real. You'll have a similar feeling during your first experiences with Bitcoin. Even if you're "doing nothing" there's always the volatility and when you're making transactions you'll feel like like one slip-of the finger could cause you to lose it all! 

Relax, I can help you through this awkward phase. I'll teach you —quickly— everything you need to know, and help you practice to develop your skills.



Who are my programs for?


My programs are for you if:

  • You want to understand Bitcoin as a new asset class
  • You could make a long-term investment if the arguments made sense to you
  • You'd like to develop your competence and confidence around Bitcoin
  • You're not clear on why Bitcoin is different to all other of "crypto"
  • You don't have hundreds of hours to figure everything out on your own 



5-Lesson Guide

It Takes Time.

If you can drive a car you can use Bitcoin safely. But you won't become competent overnight. 

You'll progress faster if you understand why.


 Coming Soon…


I'm re-forming the content I've used to train over 100 clients into a structured curriculum.

Starting over is allowing me to make the material richer and clearer. I'll be releasing the first pieces soon.

My goal is to produce the best system to quickly build the foundational understanding you need to engage with Bitcoin confidently, competently and safely.  


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